Cochlear Implant Services

Having recently completed training with Cochlear, John Pearcy Audiology can now offer cochlear implant candidacy, programming and speech mapping to our already extensive list of audiological diagnostic and rehabilitation services.

We will be working closely with Ear Nose and Throat specialist, Dr Andrew Chang, who is based in Brisbane and trained in Queensland. Dr Chang has recently completed an international prestigious fellowship in cochlear implant surgery and treatment of complex ear diseases at Cambridge University Hospital. Dr Chang consults from private practice rooms in Sunnybank, Windsor, Brookwater and Caboolture.

Cochlear’s Baha device is now also available at John Pearcy Audiology. Baha is available in surgical and non-surgical options with trials available. Baha is suitable for those with significant, long-term conductive or middle ear issues which make wearing a traditional hearing aid difficult or unsuitable.

Contact the clinic to book a Cochlear Candidacy Assessment or a Baha discussion Appointment.