Hearing Tests

John Pearcy Audiology conducts hearing assessments for all ages, from infants of six months to seniors, from public to private patients. No referral is necessary for private patients. A Medicare rebate is available for General Practitioner Referrals through the Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care) program or with a referral from an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist or a Neurologist.

Free services are available for Pensioners, Veterans and Defence Force personnel through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Our comprehensive initial Hearing Assessment takes up to an hour and will include a full discussion of your results and rehabilitation options (if time permits). A full report detailing all test results and recommendations will be provided to you on completion of the assessment.

All testing is conducted by our post-graduate qualified, fully accredited audiologists in one of our sound-treated rooms on up-to-date, calibrated, specialist equipment.

Audiological tests available include:
* Pure Tone Audiometry
* Play Audiometry
* Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
* Tympanometry
* Acoustic Reflex Testing
* Speech Audiometry
* Speech in Noise Testing
* Otoacoustic Emissions Testing
* Pre-Employment Assessments
* Auditory Processing Assessments

Paediatric testing:
We also test children’s hearing from six months of age. All of our audiologists are fully trained in paediatric testing techniques (including impedance, play audiometry, VROA, TEOAEs, DPOAEs, and Kendall Toy Test) and utilise specialist paediatric audiological testing equipment. Specific age appropriate tests are selected and conducted in a fun child friendly way.

Testing will include visual inspection of the ear canal, a test of middle ear function, a test of sensorineural hearing function via an age appropriate method (headphones are generally not used for children under 3 years of age) and a test of word recognition (if age appropriate). Testing does involve cooperation from the child, including brief periods of sitting quiet and still. Testing also includes the placement of small soft plugs in the ears for brief periods. No verbal responses are required. The audiologist will also provide recommendations and a report to parents and any other health practitioners involved. This report will be forwarded to relevant parties in the days following the appointment. Please note, the gathering of sufficient results may be limited due to the child’s level of cooperation. We suggest you book an appointment time for when your child is most happy and content, and not hungry or tired. The appointment will be booked for one hour.

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