Tinnitus Support

Tinnitus is the term for noises which are heard ‘in the ears’ or ‘in the head’ – buzzing, ringing, whistling, hissing, pulsing and other sounds which do not come from an external source.

Tinnitus Support and Management

Tinnitus is extremely common. Most people will experience tinnitus at some time in their lives, but it usually only lasts for a short period. Around 10 per cent of the population experience persistent tinnitus and one per cent will be severely bothered by it. For some people, tinnitus can diminish over time.

Although tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, the presence of tinnitus does not mean the person is going deaf. Nor will the tinnitus itself cause a hearing loss or other illness.

There are a number of causes which may provide the initial trigger including:

* middle ear infection
* dental or jaw problems
* some medications
* exposure to loud noises
* inner ear damage.

If you are concerned about tinnitus, contact John Pearcy Audiology for an appointment to discuss tinnitus support and management.

(*sourced from Australian Hearing)