How does our hearing work?

For a great description of how hearing works, visit our information page by clicking HERE.

Where are you located?

John Pearcy Audiology is located in the Brisbane suburb of Carina.
Our Contact Us page has information, maps, directions and opening hours to help you find us.

Do I need a GP referral?

No. If you are concerned about your hearing, please call us or visit during office hours and we can discuss your concerns and make an appointment to meet with one of our post-graduate qualified, fully accredited Audiologists Contact Us.

Do I get a Medicare rebate on audiological services?

Unfortunately, Medicare do not provide any rebate with a standard doctor’s referral for audiological services.
A Medicare rebate is available for General Practitioner Referrals through the Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care) program but must be discussed and arranged with your Doctor prior to the assessment. A Medicare rebate is also available with a referral from an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist or a Neurologist.

Do I get a Private Health fund rebate on audiological services?

Some private health funds provide rebates on audiological testing and others provide rebates only on hearing aids. Whether or not a rebate is available to you will depend upon your Health Fund and your current level of cover. Please contact your health fund directly to verify and rebates you may be entitles to. Please note that audiologists are currently not provided access to Hi-Caps so you will need to lodge any claim directly with your health fund. For more information about the different levels of audiological cover provided by various private health funds, please visit www.privatehealth.gov.au.

Am I eligible for free services?

The Office of Hearing Services (Australian Government Hearing Services Program) assist some Australian Citizens with hearing support and free services. For full details, please click HERE.

I already have hearing aids, can you adjust them for me?

Yes. We are happy to provide hearing aid adjustments and rehabilitation services to individuals who already have hearing aids.

Do you test children?

Yes. We test children’s hearing from six months of age. All of our audiologists are fully trained in paediatric testing and utilise specialist paediatric audiological testing equipment. We also assess children’s Auditory Processing from six years of age and give recommendations to assist your child and their hearing.

I have ringing in my ears. Do hearing aids help?

Ringing in your ears is called Tinnitus. Yes, well fitted and appropriate hearing aids can help, as per the Neuroscience/Tinnitus retraining therapy approach of sound enrichment and reduced auditory straining.

Do you sell hearing aid batteries?

Yes. We have batteries, sweatbands, cleaning products and noise control devices available in-store or you can call the clinic and we can post them to you Contact Us.

Is it better to wear two hearing aids than one?

Yes. If finances dictate your choice, it is better to have two less expensive hearing aids than to spend more money on just one. The benefits of sounds being heard with both ears gives up to 88% improvement in speech understanding in noise.

Do hearing aids help with hearing loss from noise exposure?

Yes. Provided your hearing aid/s is set appropriately, with our specialised Five Appointment Rehabilitation Plan, wearing hearing aids will help.

When you test my hearing, do I get a copy of the report?

Yes. A full report containing all test results and recommendations will be provided to you.

Do you make Swim Plugs to stop water getting in my ears when I am swimming?

Yes. Swim Plugs are custom made to fit your ears and are available in a range of different colours.

I am a Musician and play in a band.  I need hearing protection. Do you make earplugs with attenuaters?

Yes. Custom musician ear plugs can be made with a range of attenuation levels available.