Pricing for Audiological Services

Note: All services and consultations with an audiologist (in person, by phone, by email or special report/letter writing) require an appointment and will by charged as per the audiological services list below or at a standard rate of $55 per 15 minutes, or part thereof, for any unlisted service.

Audiological Services Pricing

Audiological services provided by our postgraduate qualified audiologists are charged as follows:

  • Hearing Assessment: $150
  • Review Hearing Assessment (within 12 months of full hearing assessment): $110
  • Auditory Processing Assessment: $390
  • Hearing Aid Repair – minor (single issue or single phone/device re-pairing, up to 15 minutes): $55
  • Hearing Aid Repair – complex (2-3 issues, up to 30 minutes): $110
  • Hearing Aid Discussion / Impression / Trial Follow-up Appointment (up to 30 minutes): $110
  • Hearing Aid Trial (up to 30 minutes): $110 + $30 per trial device (on loan for until next appt)
  • Annual Review (for client with hearing aids, includes hearing check, up to 45 minutes): $165
  • Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment (includes pairing of up to one smart device/accessory, up to 60 minutes): $220
    • (add 15 minutes and $55 for each additional pairing/accessory required)
  • Hearing Aid Fitting Follow-up Appointment (within 12 months of hearing aid fitting, up to 45 minutes): $165
    • (a minimum of one Follow-up Appointment is required following any new Hearing Aid Fitting)
  • Wax removal (please apply wax spray at least 3 hours prior to appointment, 15-30 minutes): $55-$110

Other Services Available without an Appointment

  • Counter Repair / Hearing Aid Check or Clean (provided by trained Reception staff, no appointment required, wait times can vary): $15 per hearing aid, parts are additional (complementary within 12 months of new hearing aid fitting)
  • Loan Aid (while current hearing aid sent for repair): complementary within 12 months of hearing aid fitting, $30 per hearing aid thereafter (on loan until repair completed)
    • Please note, these will need to be requested in advance and may take up to one working day to be available for collection at reception.
    • No phone or accessory pairings are available to loan devices without a paid appointment.
    • Loan devices will be the best available option in the clinic at the time requested for the individual client’s hearing loss, but may not be the same model, style or tuning.
    • In most cases, the loan device should be sufficient to help maintain general hearing while the client’s hearing aid is away.
    • Any loss of loan hearing aids will incur an insurance excess payable by the client ($250 per aid + $50 administration costs), this condition is deemed accepted on request of a loan device.
    • Additional charges may applied for loan devices over an extended period.

Hearing Aid Prices

  • All Hearing Aids will be quoted on by an audiologist once an individual’s needs are assessed.
  • Prices will be quoted per hearing aid and include a 3-year Australian manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day refund period.
  • A fitting appointment and one follow-up appointment are required for all new hearing aid fittings (Appointment prices are specified above and are in addition to the hearing aid prices). Additional follow-up appointments are available and may be required for some individuals.
  • All fittings come with a hearing aid case and a starter’s supply of relevant parts (which may include batteries, receivers, wax filters, tubes, domes, cleaning brushes/cloths, user guide).
  • Hearing aid accessories are available at additional cost and can be discussed with the audiologist.